It becomes ‘eat-and-scoot’ as waitress tells us to stop eating and pay up

It becomes ‘eat-and-scoot’ as waitress tells us to stop eating and pay up

An appalled STOMPer was disgusted with the service and attitude of a waitress in Marutama Ra-Men in The Central.

The STOMPer says:

“This happened yesterday at Marutama Ra-Men (The Central @ Clarke Quay) during dinnertime.

“There were 7 of us altogether in the restaurant.

“It was our first time there.

“Anyway, the highlight of the dinner was when a waitress came to our table and blurted out ‘there are 5 customers waiting outside.’

“There was an awkward silence, then my friend politely asked for the bill.

“She mumbled something as she turned and walked away from our table.

“My friend said, ‘sorry?’

“The waitress replied in a raised voice, ‘PAY at the cashier!

“We did not want to make a big fuss there and decided to just quickly settle the bill and left after that.

“I understand that they wanted to have as many turn overs as possible within a night to make money but I’m grossly disgusted by the way she handled it.

“By the way, 5 minutes prior to this uncouth incident, my friend just finished his ramen.

“Am I expected to be on the lookout for people queuing outside and gobble down my food and get out of the premise in the shortest possible time?

“Is this their SOP?

“I have been to other restaurants like Din Tai Fung and similar situations happened when there are many customers waiting for seats.

“But the service personnel are much more professional and very polite when requesting us to give up our seats to those customers and I have no qualms about that.”


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