Petrol promotion on National Day chokes up roads all over S’pore


Petrol promotion on National Day chokes up roads all over S’pore

Three STOMPers sent in reports stating jams at three locations, Bukit Timah, Choa Chu Kang and Upper Thomson road, all because of Shell’s National Day petrol promotion.
The promotion which lasted from 4pm – 5pm caused three unhappy STOMPers to be held up in the traffic jams.

Here are their accounts:

Says the first STOMPer:

“Shell National Day petrol promotion of 44 cents discount per litre from 4 – 5pm caused traffic jam at Upper Bt Timah.”

STOMPer David, who was held-up in a 50-minute traffic jam told STOMP:

“What a jam!!

“I was stuck in a jam when I exited the Choa Chu Kang exit along KJE.

“What’s the cause??

“It’s because of the one-hour promotion at Shell petrol station along Choa Chu Kang Drive.

“I was stuck there for almost 50 minutes.

“The road was totally choked by cars and I wasn’t even able to move an inch.

“It jammed all the way to the KJE highway exit.

“After being stuck in traffic, I was led to the petrol station and wasn’t able to go straight.

“Then after a while, the officer-in-charge was telling the car drivers’ one by one that the promotion was over.

“Even though the promotion was over, the cars were still queuing up!

“What do these drivers want? This is madness! All the crazy and kiasu people!”

Lastly, STOMPer Yoda Jedi felt sorry for all the drivers who were stuck in the jam.

Says the STOMPer:

“Due to some Shell petrol station promotion, ‘rich’ people with cars queued outside the stations and create a jam at Upper Thomson Road on both sides.

“Because of these rich people wanting to save pennies, buses had to wait even longer.

“Shell should be called SHELLFISH.

“Only think in terms of cars, how about us who take buses?

“Shell says it is eco-friendly?

“The time wasted and pollution caused is something to ponder.

“Their millions in advertising dollars bring up this idea ‘let’s run a promotion to choke up roads in Singapore’.


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