Sungei Rd operators clash over space for their stalls

Sungei Rd operators clash over space for their stalls

STOMPer kk1001cdf spotted these two stall operators quarelling over space to sell their items at Sungei Road and wonders which authority’s in-charge of allocating the rental space there.
Says the STOMPer:

“For the past few months, I keep wondering why I often see stall operators quarrel at Sungei road.

“At times, the Police were even called to settle the dispute.

“It is till today then I know that they are actually quarrelling over the space to sell their items.

“This afternoon, I saw a Malay man selling things at Sungei road and later, a Chinese man approached him and claimed that the space belongs to him as he sells things there every day and drive the Malay stall operator away.

“I immediately took down a video and photos.

“I wonder who is in charge of the stall operating area at Sungei road. Is it NEA or LTA? Are rental fees collected from the stall operators?

“I would like to know from the NEA or LTA if there is a booking system for the space for stalls to operate or is it on a first-come-first-serve basis?”


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