Local band Electrico’s act of tearing Liverpool jersey is so disrespectful to fans

Local band Electrico’s act of tearing Liverpool jersey is so disrespectful to fans

As a Liverpool fan, STOMPer Azbelle Sunshine was disgusted when she came across this article which featured a picture of local band, Electrico, tearing up the Liverpool jersey.

Not only is this disrespectful to the local Liverpool fans, the STOMPer feels that it’s unfair that Electrico stated in the article that Singaporeans weren’t patriotic as many were supporting Liverpool instead of Singapore in the recent friendly football match, held at the Kallang stadium.

Says this STOMPer:

“When I saw this article I was totally, utterly DISGUSTED!

“How shallow minded can some Singaporeans get??

“How can they call themselves a Singaporean and even sing live at NDP 2009?

“I am not surprise that this band will lose their respect from Singaporeans after we’ve all read this article.

“What are they doing at the liverpool match anyway?!

“If foreign liverpool fans read this article what will they think of the so-called local boyband taking disrespectful pictures as shown above?!?

“And we as the red fans pay to watch Liverpool play live in Singapore..We still do wave our Singapore flag and also we still exhibit the traditional KALLANG WAVE which is a form of support to the Lions right?

“By wearing a Liverpool shirt it does not mean we are not patriotic to Singapore. We still do watch friendly matches between Singapore and many other countries on other days and still support Singapore.

“It boils down to the controversial issue of: Should the act of patriotism of Singaporeans be judge based on a Singapore vs Liverpool Friendly ?

“I usually have no issues with Electrico.

“But now my perception towards them changed and I am not proud of them being our local boyband.”



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One Response to “Local band Electrico’s act of tearing Liverpool jersey is so disrespectful to fans”

  1. SIVARAM Says:

    Respect Electrico!!!! Thank u. You guys are my idols. I will be more happier if they burned the Jersey.

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