76 members of Khoo family bond over national pride on foreign land

76 members of Khoo family bond over national pride on foreign land

Although 76 members of the massive Khoo Family went away this past National Day, they did not forget Singapore as they watched the parade on television and said the pledge along with their fellow citizens back home at 8:22pm.
A member of the family, STOMPer Elizabeth, says:

“Four generations and 76 members of the Khoo family went on a short getaway to Johor Lama from August 9 to 10.

“We are known as KKKL amongst ourselves. KKKL stands for Khoo Ka Ki Lang and our family members now total 118 people.

“The oldest among us is 89 years old and the youngest was just born on July 17 this year.

“As most of us are working adults or school-going children and teens, we needed a long weekend to getaway.

“We chose Johor Lama for its close proximity to Singapore.

“As it was National Day, we wanted to watch the celebrations on television and at 8.22pm, we took part in the Pledge Moment from Johor Lama.

“This is the fourth gathering for the KKKL in two years, the others being:

2006, September 3-4: Kukup (Malaysia) with 77 family members
2006, December 3: Picnic at East Coast Park with 84 family members
2008, December 17-21: Xiamen (China) with 34 family members”.



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