Horrible resident of Telok Blangah Heights throws dog poop down from flat

Horrible resident of Telok Blangah Heights throws dog poop down from flat

An inconsiderate pet owner staying in Block 62 at Telok Blangah Heights, has been throwing dog poop out of the flat’s window every day.
STOMPer Disappointed resident, whose boyfriend stays in the same block, says:
“My boyfriend stays at Block 62 Telok Blangah Heights, This has been happening for many months.
“Someone from the same block has been throwing down their ‘well-wrapped-up’ dog poop out of the window every day.
“Every day the cleaner has to clear the mess(I’ve witnessed that as well).

“I started noticing it more often around April/May this year when I stayed over frequently at my boyfriend’s place to study.

“Every morning, without fail, there’ll be paper-wrapped dog poop exposed on the floor, next to the multi-storey carpark.
“There was one unlucky morning when I was heading to the car and I had to walk past that area.
“Just then, the ‘package’ dropped just less than a metre away from where I was.
“I was shocked and knew that something had to be done about this.Not only is it unhygienic – germs, disease, etc, it’s also selfish and inconsiderate.
“If he/she can be bothered to pick up the poop, wrap it up, walk over to the window to throw it, why can’t he/she just dispose of it  properly?
“I emailed West Coast Town Council and NEA regarding this and no actions have been taken to stop this.
“The Town Council had apparently sent out warning letters to some residents and also posted notices on the bulletin board at the lift landing.
“However, the inconsiderate act is still continuing.”



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