True that cabbies deliberately create accidents to claim loss on a slow day?

True that cabbies deliberately create accidents to claim loss on a slow day?

A STOMPer wonders if cab drivers intentionally get into accidents when business is bad as they can claim for the losses when the cab is being repaired.

Hao told STOMP via email today (Aug 12):

“I’m writing regarding an accident that I had on Aug 11 at around 6.45am.

“It makes me think of what I heard from my friends and relatives about cab drivers who try to find accidents when business is bad because they can claim for their losses when the cab is in the workshop.

“That morning as I was driving down the road from Innova Primary School, a Comfort cab suddenly dashed out from the filter lane from my left causing me to jam my brakes and shift lane to avoid collision when I was passing the cross junction towards Woodlands Avenue 4.

“After I shifted to the right lane (it is a two lane road) and continued to drive down the road, this cab suddenly shifted to my lane without signal and warning as there was a stationary bus parked in front of his lane.

“I honked at him but he ignored me and hit my left front side of the vehicle as I had no place to avoid him.

“When I got out of my vehicle the driver seemed calm.

“He just took out a book to take down my vehicle number, not even looking at the driver or how serious the damage was.

“It seemed like its normal to him.

“When I asked him how he wanted to settle it as it is not very serious, we could handle it ourselves.

“But he said, ‘go report lah’ and drover off after taking all the particulars.

“So now I believe that cab drivers really do such things to claim their income, by causing trouble for other road users.

“I believe many drivers out there have met such problems with cabs when driving, such as driving from right to left lane without signal and stopping to pick up passengers by jamming brakes suddenly.

“I believe many drivers like me out there would like to know the answers to these questions:

“Why can cab drivers claim their income?

“Cab drivers claim their income so what about other road users? We can’t claim our loss income, can’t claim the lost of time caused by the accident that is not our fault.

“Cab drivers are always on the road and they know how to find faults to win the claim, so don’t the cab companies take any action against them?

“Why are we paying high car insurance but different ways of treatment?

“Must we really give way to cabbies even if we are doing the right ways?

“Don’t traffic police or LTA take action against those cabbies?”


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