Litterbug neighbour showers my balcony with trash

Litterbug neighbour showers my balcony with trash

Cigarette butts, sweet wrappers, a magazine and longan shells are just some of the trash found on STOMPer Irritated’s balcony, no thanks to her inconsiderate neighbour above.

She said:

“I can’t imagine that in a developed country like Singapore, I still encounter uncivilised residents who throw their rubbish out their windows. So inconsiderate.

“In fact it is barbaric behavior!

“Here are only some pictures of the items thrown into my service yard and balcony.

“The full list of items so far include longan shells (twice), rambutan shells, cigarette butts, cheese wrappers (which lure ants), shreds of paper with kid-like handwriting, sweets wrappers (a few times), cigarette ash (twice with the most recent time burning a black spot), 8-Days magazine (on the ledge outside my unit — has been there for weeks).

“I was told this was not under the purview of the police. So with this smoker-cum-litterbug living above me, a fire seems to be something that will happen one day with this smoker treating the environment as his ashtray.”


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