JC student from catholic school hogs two seats on board bus

JC student from catholic school hogs two seats on board bus

STOMPer Michael spotted this Catholic Junior College student hogging two seats, one with his bag, and turning a blind eye to an elderly man standing in front of him on board this bus.

Although the student did look up twice, he completely had no intergrity to give up his seat, which puzzled this STOMPer.

Says Michael:

“I came across this scene while I was taking a bus home after a cycling trip with my friends on a weekend.

“We can clearly see a student in the Catholic Junior College (CJC) uniform sitting on a seat and placing his bag on another seat beside him.

“And in the foreground, we can clearly see an aged gentleman barely holding on to the handle attached to the railings.

“I am puzzled at why he turned a blind eye towards the sight and did not offer one of the two seats he had occupied to the old gentleman right infront of him.

“He looked up a couple of times and made eye contact with me but not once did he consider offering the seat.

“I yearned to offer the gentleman a seat but I had none. The bus was rather occupied at that point of time and there were no other vacant seats. How amusing it is that the student has the integrity to hog 2 seats at a time.

“Should we start questioning the direction of education in junior colleges now? Or just specifically catholic junior college?

“If someone is to be blamed for this incident, who should it be?”



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