Toddler sits dangerously, while adults in priority seats act blind

Toddler sits dangerously, while adults in priority seats act blind

This toddler was forced to sit near a first-aid kit on board a bus, as the adults occupying the priority seats refused to give them up.

A furious STOMPer jster says:

“Shameless ‘illiterate’ commuters act blind.

“These were taken on board bus number 190.
“At the time when a lady carried her baby up the bus at the Lot 1 Shopping Centre bus stop, the bus was crowded.
“She walked towards the area which indicated ‘priority seats’, but all 3 adults ignored her.
“No choice, she had to make her baby sit near the first-aid kit area.
“The aunty in the photo still had the cheek to look at the baby and the woman.
“The couple in the photo also did the same thing. Laughing and chit-chatting away with occasional glances at the baby.

“Are they really illiterate or acting ignorant at the expense of the baby who was sitting dangerously on the first-aid kit platform, which is not a seat in the first place?”


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