Cafe patrons order nothing but hog tables: Not paiseh?


Cafe patrons order nothing but hog tables: Not paiseh?

A STOMPer was not happy when she saw many people hogging tables without ordering a single drink, at Ang Mo Kio Hub’s Coffee Bean.

Says this STOMPer:

“I was at coffee bean at Ang Mon Kio Hub at 6pm on Saturday.

“After ordering my cup of coffee, I went round the tables looking for a seat, and to my surprise, I saw one lady with short mini skirt, and low cut top selling a guy some insurances or whatever, hogging the table for more than half an hour without even ordering any drinks, not ‘paiseh’.

“And there was another aunty who was using the cafe’s table to eat her Mr Bean’s food. After finishing, she used the table to help her son with homework?

“All seats were taken and there were people queuing up, yet I saw are so many thick-skin, not ‘paiseh’ people, hogging the tables.

“I’m just wondering why Coffee Bean doesn’t get rid of these tables with these people hogging them and affecting their business, as people who want to order food will walk away.”

Click for larger image:


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