Look how cruelly China businessmen treat dogs and cats — for quick buck


Look how cruelly China businessmen treat dogs and cats — for quick buck

This disturbing video of Chinese fur coat makers torturing and abusing stolen pet dogs and cats was sent in by STOMPer Cheong, who was horrified to witness such inhumane treatment of animals for a quick buck.

In the footage, Chinese workers can clearly be seen throwing compact cages filled with dogs and cats onto the ground.

Lorries are filled with stacks and stacks of these cages, which have dogs and cats trapped and compressed within a small space.

After throwing the animals on the ground, the workers can also be seen kicking them as they lie helpless and shrieking in pain.

According to the video, this inhumane way of producing fur coats is often unknown to western shoppers who buy fur products, oblivious to where the fur has come from.

In an email, STOMPer Cheong says:

“What’s wrong with these people?

“Circulate this and expose their deeds because they ought to be punished.”

The video below may be considered too graphic and disturbing for some viewers.

Click for larger image:

Watch the horrifying video of fur makers abusing animals here



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