Man didn’t break law by cooking pet dog, says SPCA


Man didn’t break law by cooking pet dog, says SPCA
HIS pet dog was becoming a pest, so he decided to slaughter it, cook the meat and eat it.
20 August 2009

HIS pet dog was becoming a pest, so he decided to slaughter it, cook the meat and eat it.

Though his actions outraged many, he escaped persecution as Auckland laws ruled that the dog was killed in a humane manner.

It all began when Auckland’s Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) responded to a call about animal cruelty in a house in Mangere, south of Auckland.

Mr Paea Taufa was found roasting his Staffordshire terrier in a cooking pit in his garden, reported New Zealand Herald.

The SPCA inspectors arrived to see that the dog had been skinned, gutted and was partially charred.

Mr Taufa, an immigrant from Tonga, was surprised by the visit because dog was a delicacy in his former island-state .

He reportedly told them: ‘I didn’t know I couldn’t cook the dog. In Tonga, any time there I cook the dog and it is okay. Dog is good food.’

He said he decided to cook the dog because it was too skinny and had become unmanageable.

To kill it, he hit the dog with a hammer to its head, rendering it unconscious, then he slit its throat.

Said Garth Halliday of SPCA: ‘They decided to get rid of him. But instead of taking him to the SPCA – which we recommend – they decided to have a meal, and cook and eat him.

‘He didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.’

Case closed

SPCA looked into the matter, but eventually closed the case without pursuing charges for animal cruelty. Under New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act, it is legal to kill an animal if it is slaughtered swiftly and painlessly.

Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, a Tongan cultural expert from the University of Canterbury, told CNN affiliate TVNZ that dog meat is a delicacy enjoyed mostly by young men in his homeland.

Still, the case infuriated and repulsed many New Zealanders.

Said Ms Gracie Williams of Auckland: ‘It’s appalling. As an animal lover, I am sickened. The law needs to be changed.’

Auckland Mayor John Banks, an animal rights activist, told reporters that rather than a new law, what is needed is better education of local customs.

Said Mr Halliday: ‘We talked to the people. We told them that although it’s not against the law, it is against the general culture of the country to actually kill and eat your own pet dog.’

A Korean community spokesman, Mr Stanley Park, said he was shocked and called for a ban on eating dog meat.

He said: ‘Dog eating may be part of our history, but most Koreans today would consider eating dogs totally barbaric – and our culture actually forbids us making a meal of animals that are considered companions.’

South Korea has outlawed the selling of dog meat since 1984.

Dog meat is eaten in several countries, including China, Vietnam, Nigeria and Ghana – where it is considered to have medicinal powers.


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