OK for NZ man to kill and eat pet dog: Would you condone such an act in S’pore?

OK for NZ man to kill and eat pet dog: Would you condone such an act in S’pore?

A STOMPer was shocked to read the story about the New Zealand man who roasted his pet dog to eat it with his family and friends. The man escaped prosecution because under New Zealand law, his actions were legal because the dog was killed in a humane manner.

The STOMPer came across the story on the Internet and alerted STOMP.

Asked if he would oppose if such a rule were to be implemented in Singapore, the STOMPer replied:

“For me I will oppose it if this rule is implemented in Singapore, especially if it’s a pet.

“A pet is like a family member and should be treated with respect.”

The New Zealand man, Paea Taufu, who was born in Tonga but living in Auckland New Zealand, was roasting his Staffordshire terrier when animal protection officers arrived at his house after receiving a call from a concerned member of the public.

Lupi Taufu, Paea’s wife, said:

Dog meat is considered an acceptable fare in Tonga. ‘Dog, horse, we eat it in Tonga. It’s good food for us,’ said Lupi Taufu, Paea’s wife.

But under New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act it is legal to kill a dog providing the slaughter is done quickly and painlessly.

Paea had struck the dog in the head with a hammer, rendering it unconscious. He then slit its throat.

Just yesterday (August 19), STOMP ran a story about how fur coat makers in China were seen on video torturing and abusing pet dogs and cats to make a quick buck.

The STOMPer said, in reference to the story:

“I would like to know the thoughts for those who feed back on the post about dog eating in China.

“I think comparing to this New Zealand guy, he is worse, as he is eating a family member. Even if it’s legal there.”

STOMP is contacting the AVA for comment.



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