So annoying! China SMRT drivers can’t give info on bus route

So annoying! China SMRT drivers can’t give info on bus route

Many SMRT bus captains, who are originally from China and hired to work in Singapore, are unable to assist passengers with information on bus routes, says a frustrated STOMPer.

The sender says that these bus captains often have difficulties communicating with passengers in English and cannot tell them where the bus is headed.

Having experienced the same problem on a number of occasions, the STOMPer says:

“I have come across some annoying China national bus captains of SMRT services who are unsure of the bus route.

“Or maybe, they don’t know the road names in English.
Per says:
“It has happened a few times when I boarded SMRT buses.

“Fair enough if they don’t understand ORQ or One Raffles Quay but what about Raffles Place?

“I know there’s a bus guide on the panel but the bus was already at the stop when I arrived at the bus stop.

“The driver just shook his head throughout and kept mum when I asked where the bus was heading to.

“Don’t you think this is absurd? Shouldn’t it be mandatory for them to at least know the route they are on?

“This is what happens when the company cuts cost and blames locals for being unwilling to take up bus driver jobs.”


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