Now I know why ceiling of my HDB flat leaks — it’s made of styrofoam

Now I know why ceiling of my HDB flat leaks — it’s made of styrofoam

STOMPer Sanjeev found the ceiling in the toilet of his HDB flat at Block 604 Yishun St 61 crumbling and leaking water. He was shocked to discover styrofoam stuffed into the ceiling.

Said the STOMPer:

“The ceiling of my HDB home toilet just crumbled. I discovered that there was styrofoam in the cement structure of my toilet ceiling.

“It was the reason for the leaks that we have been living with for so many years. The spaces in between the cement in my ceiling has been stuffed with styrofoam.

“How and to what extent has the contractors who built this HDB unit used this shoddy and sloppy method?

“To me, this is a structural defect.

“I reported this to the HDB Yishun Branch office and they sent a technical officer one Mr Yeo.

“It was an unprofessional assesment at the least.

“He checked the hole in the wall and said it was spalling concrete.

“I then asked him why there was styrofoam in my ceiling and whether styrofoam is a legal and allowed building material?

“He avoided my question and went on to say, ‘Its like that one. Last time they used to do that’.

“I again asked him is it allowed? He still did not answer me. After much pressure he admitted that it is not allowed.

“I told him I wanted an explanation on why styrofoam was used as a construction material.

“He finally gave in and said you should speak to me supervisor. I told him that it would be helpfull if he could provide a number or get his superior to contact us.

“To date, there was no such thing except a template reply asking us to share the cost and that the leaks were due to fair wear and tear.

“How can styrofoam in the building structure be fair wear and tear? I am totally disappointed with HDB’s professionalism.

“Safety is another question, how safe is my ceiling? I cannot use my toilet knowing that there was shoddy construction and that it might collapse on me.

“I feel that HDB should address the actual problem and make due repairs without pushing it to the residents.”


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