SCDF looking for heroes who helped victim of crashed Volvo

SCDF looking for heroes who helped victim of crashed Volvo

SCDF commended the public-spirited civilians who helped rescue a driver who crashed his Volvo into a tree at Thomson yesterday (Aug 21).
A spokesperson for SCDF says:

“At 7.08pm on Aug 21, SCDF received a call informing that a vehicle (Volvo 4-door sedan) had crashed into a tree at the junction of Thomson and Suffolk Roads.

“Upon receiving the notification, one fire engine, one Red Rhino and one ambulance were despatched immediately to the incident location.
“On arrival, the crew found that a black Volvo sedan had crashed into a tree, sustaining severe damage to its chassis and driver’s compartment.
“The driver, a man about 24 years of age, was found trapped in his seat. He had sustained a fracture of the right thigh bone (femur), a dislocated left shoulder, and cuts to his face.
“SCDF rescuers immediately deployed a hydraulic cutter/spreader and extricated the casualty within 20 minutes of arrival.
“Whilst the rescue operations were taking place, SCDF paramedics stabilised the casualty’s neck using a cervical collar and administered an IV drip.
“As soon as the casualty was safely extricated from the wreckage, he was conveyed by SCDF ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he received further treatment for his injuries.
“In this incident, a doctor and some workers from a construction worksite nearby came forward spontaneously to help the accident victim during the initial stages.
“They did a commendable act and the SCDF would like to contact them to acknowledge them with a Public Spiritedness Award testimonial.
“They can contact us at 9735 0753.
“These awards are given to civilians who come forward to render help during emergency situations.”


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