Guess how much is this fish dish at Tampines coffeeshop?

Guess how much is this fish dish at Tampines coffeeshop?

A STOMPer was surprised to find out that such a simple dish at a Tampines coffee shop costs $5.20. According to the STOMPer, the service given was terrible too. ‘They think they are Fish & Co.?’ He asks.

He told STOMP via email today (Aug 23):

“Had my lunch at Tampines Avenue 4, Block 802 by the name of the stall ‘Anyhow’.

“Duh, it’s really anyhow!

“Bad service attitude from the staff, imagine, I waiting for 5 minutes in order for the staff to finish playing his two handphones when there wasn’t any customers at all!

“That’s not all, it’s stated there to indicate my table number and the staff asked me to collect in 5 minutes time!

“Imagine I’m paying $5.20 for a meal just like the picture attached!

“This is such a rip-off, they think they are Fish & Co.?

“It’s just not worth my while, this is not up to standard.

“This shall be my first and last time eating at this stall.

“To all the people staying at Tampines, try this at your own risk!”


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