Rude Old Chang Kee staff slams scissors on table after getting my order wrong


Rude Old Chang Kee staff slams scissors on table after getting my order wrong

A STOMPer was shocked that this Old Chang Kee staff had the nerve to slaim a pair of scissors on the table after being told that she had got an order wrong.

In an email to STOMP today (Aug 24), the STOMPer says:

“This incident took place on Aug 23 at the Tiong Bahru outlet when I was buying a fried chicken.

“One of the staff, a foreign worker, took my order. Knowing that OCK staff have a habit of asking if I want them to cut the fried chicken wings, I told her to cut one into three pieces even though she did not offer to. Then, I proceeded to make payment.

“The other lady in the background (in yellow cap) then asked if I bought three fried chicken wings. I only made payment for one then quickly went to check on the other lady who took my order.

“I was shocked to see her cutting quite a few chicken wings so I quickly told her that I only wanted one piece, and that I wanted it to be cut into three pieces.

“Her reaction? She stared at me then made a ‘TSKKK…’ sound.

“She placed only two parts of the chicken wing in a plastic bag, banged the scissors and thong on the table and threw the plastic on the table in front of me.

“I was very pissed now. I seriously don’t think that having to cut one chicken wing into three pieces is such a difficult task.

“And she was the one who heard my order wrongly, why should I be on the receiving end?

“So I asked her what kind of attitude is this.

“She had the guts to reply “我做错了什么东西? 我有骂你吗 (Did I do something wrong? Did I scold you?)”

“Without another word, I got my refund and left without buying anything from them.

“I strongly advise consumers not to encourage such customer service attitude.

“It’s portraying a very bad image of Singapore.

“As consumers, we are not just paying for good quality products.

“Old Chang Kee has been around for more than 50 years, they should know better how to train their workers.
“If an enterprise like this one can afford to open so many outlets in Singapore, can they not afford to send their workers for courses?”


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