Cabby zooms off with my 4-yr-old son still inside

Cabby zooms off with my 4-yr-old son still inside

STOMPer Daphne was infuriated that a cab driver drove off before her four-year-old son could get off. She feels that the driver’s lack of awareness is unacceptable.
Daphne elaborates:
“Cab drivers should be more vigilant in making sure that nothing is left behind after their passengers have alighted.
“In my case, the cab driver did not check his cab and drove off with my four-year-old son, whose seat belt was unbuckled.
“My husband, my son and myself boarded a black cab with a yellow top (SH2807J) from the taxi stand at Queenstown MRT at 7.05am on Aug 25.
“I was dropped off first at Hilton Hotel.
“The taxi then proceeded to drop my son off at his school at Millennia Walk.
“My husband asked the driver to stop the cab somewhere along the road between Millennia Walk and Conrad Hotel.
“After paying the fare, my husband, who was sitting on the left side of the cab, unbuckled my son’s seat belt and told him to wait while he got off to open the door on the right, where the kerb was.
“As soon as he stepped out and closed the door, the driver immediately sped off without turning his head.
“My husband raced after the speeding cab for some distance before the driver realised that something was left behind in his cab.
“The driver then reversed very quickly towards my husband, with my son at the back seat without a seat belt.
“When my husband got to the cab, my son was in a bad state of shock and it took nearly 20 minutes to calm him down.
“It is bad enough that the driver did not bother to take a few minutes to make sure nothing was left behind, but it infuriated us that he was negligent over my son’s life.
“How could he not have realised that someone was still in the cab?
“Should cab drivers be allowed to drive if they are distracted?
“It was a very bad scare for my young son and should anything have happened to him, it would given the cab company a nasty reputation.”


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