Shame! NTU orientation activities so sexually suggestive

Shame! NTU orientation activities so sexually suggestive

STOMPer Kenneyboy46 was concerned when he came across these sexually suggestive photos, apparently taken during an NTU orientation.

He said:

“I came across these pictures on a well known online socialising website.

“From the photo album I viewed, it’s from one of our local universities, NTU’s activities.

“From these pictures, we can see that the actions from the activities were very suggestive.

“How are we suppose to explain to young children when they come across these pictures?

“One or two years back, there were already reports on our local universities having some orientation activities which consist of suggestive interactions between male and female students.

“Why aren’t anything done by the universities and why are they still allowing such activities to continue?

“Having such activities will just makes our young think that sex is a very open thing.

“This is totally unacceptable. Imagine knowing that your daughter is doing such things to guys in school.

“The shame that she will bring to the family.”


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