Can’t understand the language? These foreign workers still can enjoy getai

Can’t understand the language? These foreign workers still can enjoy getai
It seems anyone, regardless of race or culture, can enjoy getai. These foreign workers at Woodlands Industrial Park were seen lapping up the music, even if they could not understand the language.
STOMPer Colourless Man, who took these photos, said:
“These pictures were taken at Woodlands Industrial Park E1 where a nightly getai was held.
“Photos 1 and 2 show the singer on stage belting out her favourite songs in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese.
“She was dressed in flamboyant sequinned costumes and feathered headgear.
“As she progressed in her singing she peeled off her costumes, one by one, until the barest minimum remained so as not to run foul of our decency laws.
“Photo 3 shows the listeners who came from far and near and they arrived in droves on bicycles, motorcycles, cars and lorries.
“The crowd was about 2,000 strong and about 70% of the audience were foreign workers from the dormitories nearby in this huge industrial estate.
“Photos 4 and 5 show some of the workers were perched on the parapet of the third level of an industrial building and they were enjoying the getai show.
“I spoke to one worker and asked him in simple English if he understood the songs she was singing.
“He replied, ‘I no understand the language but I enjoy the music and band especially the guitar and drum’.
“Surprisingly most of the workers stayed till the end of the show at 10.30 pm.
“It was a free show and they were happily lapping up the Chinese getai music which is after all a universal language for people of all races.
“Getai is here to stay and soon the foreign workers will also learn to appreciate the beauty of Chinese music with its fast tempo accompanied by the showmanship of the singers.”
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