Jurong tap water tastes salty, causes dryness, discomfort in throat

Jurong tap water tastes salty, causes dryness, discomfort in throat

STOMPer Alex says the tap water in Jurong has an unusual taste and causes discomfort to the residents after consumption. He wonders if this is due to distilled water being pumped into homes in Jurong.

“I have been a resident of Block 648D at Jurong West Street 61 for the past eight years.

“There have been complaints in the Jurong area with regard to the pH level for Sodium Chloride in the drinking water and it is getting bad.

“It has been months ago that I discovered that the drinking water tastes very salty.

“The taste is ‘very unusual’. Recently I realised the water cause dryness and discomfort in the throat a few hours after drinking it.

“What had cause the drinking water quality to change at such an unusual way is unknown.

“However, it is causing alarm and worry among residents here in Jurong.

“I have read the news last year that Jurong is one of the estate that has choosen to pump in ‘distilled water’ (recycled water) to residents for consumption.

“I wonder if the quality of water (PH level) is being inspected on a regular basis?

“And is the ‘distilled water’ really ready for human consumption? Guess it might take years to see what the side effects it might cause in humans.

“I hope the Town Council will look into this matter because it concerns the hygiene and health of the residents of Singapore.

“I believe the Town Council will arrange inspectors to check on the water quality at this area.”



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