Spine-chilling ‘demon’ and ‘ghosts’ appear on handphone after cemetery visit

Spine-chilling ‘demon’ and ‘ghosts’ appear on handphone after cemetery visit
A Malaysian family was taking photos at a Chinese cemetery in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, during a tomb sweeping visit, and later discovered that one of the photos contained many scary images, including a demon face.

One of the family members, Ms Lee, who is working in Singapore, sought the help of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI).

She said the family visited the cemetery on October 2 2006, during the Qing Ming festival, and after paying respect to their ancestor’s tomb, they trekked past other tombs, taking photos using her brother’s handphone along the way. They took the photos in broad daylight.

When they downloaded the photos into their computer that night, they found nothing wrong with the photos, accept for one, which showed blurry images of scary objects. The family said they did not remember taking that photo and had no idea how it got into the phone.

The images included a female ghost, Chinese tombs, faces with talisman pasted on them and a Japanese solider.

The family had two theories — that they had either offended the spirits there by laughing and joking, or that it was just a way the spirits were trying to connect with them.

Initially, SPI speculated that the photo might have been the result of several things, which include human error and phone malfunction.

But it all changed when they saw the first prize lottery number on the newspaper — 4941, for the game on Saturday July 7 2007, the very day they met Ms Lee.

SPI said:

“Ms Lee told us in the afternoon (before we got to know or think of lottery number), that she was able to see a 4 digit number 1944 from the photo. Naturally we related the number to the year 1944 of WW2, since there was an image of a Japanese solider wearing a cap in the photo.

“We had been discussing whether the photo was revealing a battle scene with people who were killed during the war time.

“Therefore the ghosts showed their faces, and their tombs etc. Little we know that on a special 07/07/07 (triple 7), 1944 was hinted but nobody thought of buying a lottery ticket (4D) in combination!”

For the full SPI report, click here.

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