‘Sharp glass in BreadTalk bread could have fatally injured my kids!’

‘Sharp glass in BreadTalk bread could have fatally injured my kids!’
A 2.5cm long piece of glass apparently found in a bread bought from a BreadTalk shop could have fatally injured his kids, says STOMPer Jay. After complaining to BreadTalk, he is upset that he still has not received any follow-up from the company.

He says:

“As my wife had to rush off to work on July 29, she took the particular bread, which was normally eaten by my kids, for herself.

“After a few bites at the bread while in office, she felt something crunchy and a sharp pain on her tongue. She spat out and found a piece of glass (measuring 2.5cm long) with sharp edges!

“We cannot imagine the consequences had my kids eaten the bread!

“They could have cut their mouth or tongue or even swallowed the piece of glass which could be fatal, given the very, very sharp edges!

“A complaint was lodged to the shop and NEA and an immediate response was given by the shop.

“A person in-charge met up with my wife to take a look at the glass and bread. An investigation was made and we were contacted at the end of the day.

“He claimed that the glass could be a chipped-off glass from the display counter. However, I disagreed as the glass was deeply lodged in the bread.

“We have formally filed a complaint (via email) to the bread shop on 30 July. A senior vice president contacted us and told us that their insurance company would get in touch with us but nothing was heard since then, not even a phonecall after a month.

“What’s frustrating about the whole incident is the ‘dont-care’ attitude adopted by Breadtalk.

“It’s seems like as far as Breadtalk is concerned, they don’t need to take any responsibility since no one was hurt.

“They has also not given us a satisfactory answer on how the piece of glass got into the bread.

“This is exceptionally appalling because if they do not know how the piece of glass got into the bread, how can they prevent the same incident from happening in the future?”

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