Getai ‘striptease’ and skimpy outfits: Have singers gone too far?

Getai ‘striptease’ and skimpy outfits: Have singers gone too far?
On Sunday (Aug 30), Taiwanese singer Ya Ya stunned the crowd at a Jurong Fishery Port Road getai show. Wearing a blue sequinned number for her first song, she removed layers of costumes one by one, and finally stripped down to a matching blue bra and bikini bottom. Has this ‘striptease’ act gone too far?

Some Getai veterans seem to think so, and they blame young organisers for police reminders to tone down raunchy acts.

Though Ya Ya’s performers here appear to be tame compared to similar shows in Taiwan, some veteran organisers said they were unhappy with the unwanted attention such gimmicks have drawn. They blame young organisers who understand little of the culture.

“Sometimes, these youngsters get carried away in their enthusiasm to raise the level of interest,” said one veteran organiser.

“People get carried away and they forget the right values of entertainment,” said Mr Peter Loh, 58, another veteran organiser.

Mr Aaron Tan, 33, the owner of Lex(s) Entertainment which organised some shows featuring Ya Ya, said that he received a call from the police reminding him to watch out for inappropriate attire.

“I knew she was going to remove layers of costumes one by one, but I didn’t know to what extent,” said Mr Tan.

Ya Ya had not stripped in her first two shows for Mr Tan, and from what he had seen in earlier newspaper reports of her other shows, he did not sense that things would go too far.

“It was only when Ya Ya was down to her final two-piece costume that “alarm bells” rang. I then told Ya Ya’s agent to inform her that her costume was not acceptable and that she should not repeat this at my other shows,” said Mr Tan.

While he respected the feedback from veteran organisers, Mr Tan was disheartened that the blame has shifted to him.

“Some of them complain that we try too hard to revolutionise getai – but they copy the winning formulas such as stage designs. And when something negative happens, they point their fingers at us,” said Mr Tan.”

Well, what do you think? Has this ‘striptease’ act at Getai gone too far?


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