Accident leaves motorcyclist bleeding on road in Tampines

Accident leaves motorcyclist bleeding on road in Tampines
A STOMPer witnessed an accident involving a motorbike and a car last night at around 9pm in Tampines. “Blood was visible even from a high level” she says. According to her mother, the motorist’s leg was twisted and the bone could be seen.

Yingzz told STOMP via email last night (Sep 3):

“It happened around 8.50pm today (Sep 3) at Tampines Street 81, in front of Block 887.

“Where I viewed was from my place, I heard this loud crash and went to the window to see.

“I think a lot of residents (including my mum and dad) went down to see.

“Was feeling quite worried for the motorist as there was a lot of blood flowing on the road.

“However, I could also see the person moving his arms and legs, but I think he has broken his leg.

“My mum told me one of his legs was twisted and she could see the bone.

“Hopefully, he will be alright.

“My mum told me that his dad accompanied him to the hospital.

“One weird thing was that I haven’t really seen any police at the scene even after the ambulance drove off for some time already.”

About 8 minutes later (9.49pm) last night, Yingzz sent another email to STOMP saying that the police has just arrived on the scene of the bloody accident.


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