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Ex-prostitute in Italian PM sex scandal

July 29, 2009

Ex-prostitute in Italian PM sex scandal claims…
‘PM offered me seat in European Parliament’
SHE was a prostitute and had zero political experience.
29 July 2009

SHE was a prostitute and had zero political experience.

Yet, she claimed she was offered a seat in the European Parliament – by none other than the Italian prime minister himself, Mr Silvio Berlusconi.

Ms Patrizia D’Addario, the prostitute at the centre of the sex scandal involving Mr Berlusconi, made the claim in an interview published in the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday, reported The Times.

Her revelation followed the release of audio tapes and transcripts last week that purportedly disclosed intimate conversations recorded while the couple were having sex.

If there was any truth to Ms D’Addario’s claim, it wouldn’t be the first time Mr Berlusconi had offered parliamentary seats to beautiful women with no political experience.

Earlier this year, he proposed female candidates such as a soap opera actress and a contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother to run in last month’s elections.


After an outcry led by his estranged wife Ms Veronica Lario, all but one of the women, Ms Barbara Matera, were dropped from the ballot for his People of Freedom party.

In the interview, Ms D’Addario talked about two occasions late last year when she was invited by businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini to functions at Mr Berlusconi’s official residence.

At the first dinner in mid-October, Ms D’Addario recalled, the only guests were the prime minister, Mr Tarantini and about 20 young women.

‘It was obvious to me that we were all escort girls,’ she said.

She said Mr Tarantini, who is being investigated by prosecutors for alleged corruption and abetting prostitution, paid her 1,000 euros ($2,050) and that Mr Berlusconi was to give her another ‘pay cheque’ if she stayed the night with him on 4 Nov.

During the second visit, Ms D’Addario said Mr Berlusconi did not pay her.

Instead, she claimed, he promised to help her to resolve an issue over a building permit in the southern city of Bari.

‘He promised to send me two people to take care of a problem I had with planning permission which was blocking a building project,’ she said.

‘To me, that was equal to earning 2,000 euros extra. That project was really close to my heart and he understood that, so I was satisfied. But that is not what happened. Instead, he offered me a seat in the European Parliament.’

Ms D’Addario added that she no longer works as a prostitute and was running out of money.

She was also concerned for her safety after a robbery at her home in Bari.

‘I feel very isolated. (Mr Berlusconi) is the most powerful man in Italy,’ she said.

‘After the burglary of my flat and other things which I cannot mention here, I no longer feel safe. I am no longer an escort, my building project is still blocked. I have no money and they took everything I had.’

Ms D’Addario said it was her decision to make the tapes, which were published on Italian newspaper L’Espresso’s website last week. Mr Berlusconi’s allies have suggested that she was ordered to do it as part of a conspiracy against him.

She explained that since enduring a former violent relationship, she never left home without a tape recorder. So she thought it ‘prudent’ to tape her encounter with Mr Berlusconi.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has also identified Ms Grazia Capone, a 24-year-old model and actress, as being investigated by prosecutors in Bari for allegedly being hired by Mr Tarantini to attend the prime minister’s parties.

Ms Capone said: ‘Yes, I went to Berlusconi’s parties. I don’t see anything bad or improper about that.’

Meanwhile, Mr Berlusconi’s lawyer, Mr Niccolo Ghedini, denied there were any ancient Phoenician tombs on his client’s Sardinian property, Villa Certosa.

He made the statement to try to put to an end to speculation about whether they had been reported to cultural authorities.

In 2005, Mr Ghedini accompanied police to a section of the property where vases and necropolises from the 3rd century BC had been found.

‘That news is true, but no Phoenician tombs were seen,’ Mr Ghedini said.

In a tape released last Thursday, Mr Berlusconi was allegedly recorded on a tour of his villa with Ms D’Addario pointing out 30Phoenician tombs among the property’s assets.

Under Italian law, any archaeological finds must be reported within 24 hours.

Glamour girls

1. Angela Sozio, 36, former contestant on Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother. She was put in the spotlight two years ago after being photographed hand in hand with Mr Berlusconi

2. Barbara Matera, 28, Miss Italy contestant and a science graduate. The only ‘showgirl’ to have been selected as a candidate in the European elections and took up her seat this month.

3. Camilla Ferranti, 30, trained ballerina who appeared in Incantesimo, an Italian soap opera. Mr Berlusconi called the head of state television to urge him to give her a part in a leading show.

4. Eleonora Gaggioli, 31, TV actress best known for her role in Elisa di Rivombosa, a steamy costume drama. The law graduate is also a glamour model.


WARNING! Take such pictures at your own risk

July 28, 2009

WARNING! Take such pictures at your own risk
If your private pictures get posted online, there might not be any way of getting them down, say lawyers
THERE may be no recourse for you if your nude pictures turn up on a US-based website.
By Liew Hanqing and Germaine Lim
28 July 2009

THERE may be no recourse for you if your nude pictures turn up on a US-based website.

So if you have ever allowed yourself to be photographed in the buff, be warned.

First, you risk putting yourself on display on a popular US-based website, which has catapulted several Singaporean women to online notoriety.

You could beg and plead for your pictures to be removed, or, like others have done, even make a police report.

But the webmaster of the site says he will not budge.

In an e-mail interview with The New Paper, the webmaster of the Arizona-based site said that once he creates a post on his website, it is never removed.

He said: ‘Before a post is created, I go to great lengths to ensure it will obeys all applicable criminal laws.

‘But mistakes, if any, can and will be corrected when they are pointed out convincingly. If a post violates an applicable law, only then it will be removed.’

He added that because his website is based outside Singapore’s jurisdiction, posts on Singaporean scandals there will not be removed – even if authorities here request it.

In the latest case, the webmaster posted a Singaporean undergraduate’s sex pictures on his website, and subsequently received numerous requests for the pictures to be removed.

He said: ‘There were many comments on the post requesting the pictures to be removed. Some of them claim to be the girl’s friends.’

A day after he first posted the pictures on his site earlier this month, the webmaster also received an e-mail from a relative of the girl, requesting that the post be removed.

Said the webmaster: ‘He asked for the post to be removed immediately, or face legal action. I did not reply to the e-mail.’

He claimed he also received an e-mail request from the Singapore police to remove the post, and to provide information on the source of the pictures.

‘A reply was sent to the officer requesting a scanned copy of the police report but it never came,’ the webmaster claimed.

A spokesman for the Singapore police confirmed a report had been lodged and that investigations are ongoing.

The webmaster said he had learnt of the student’s leaked pictures on 17 Apr.

He received the first pictures on 24 Apr, but decided not to post them until ‘a few things were checked.’

He claimed that he first compared the pictures he had received to third-party pictures of the student, to verify her identity.

He also claimed that he checked the university’s calendar year.

‘I thought it would probably best (or less bad) for the student not to have the pictures leaked in the middle of a semester in April or around her exams.

‘So I delayed the post to the summer. That was the best I could do because she does seem like a likable person.’

He added that he did not know who first uploaded the pictures of the student, and if the person was related to her.

Singapore lawyers agree that there was very little a victim could do.

Lawyer Adrian Wee told The New Paper that the victim may not be able to claim damages if the pictures were not stolen.

Assuming the photos were not altered, a claim for defamation is also unlikely to succeed given that the photos were taken with permission.

He added that it is difficult to commence action against someone located in a different jurisdiction.

He said: ‘For example, if you have an American with a UK-based server, but who lives in Singapore, it would be difficult to determine where one would commence legal action.’

Mr Wee added that the victim might argue there was an expressed or implied agreement that the pictures would not be distributed to a third party at the time the pictures were taken.

‘The victim needs to demonstrate to the court that there was such an agreement. She could then ask the court to order the removal of the pictures,’ he said.

Even so, it would be a long shot for the court to rule in the victim’s favour, Mr Wee said.

‘In addition, this would only work if the defendant is in the jurisdiction of Singapore courts.’

Difficult to control

He said that the Singapore police cannot do anything to ensure the photos are removed.

‘It can only request the US authorities to take action. It’s up to the latter to decide what they will do,’ Mr Wee said.

He added that unlike child pornography, which is an international crime, US authorities are unlikely to take down porn sites which are not banned in its own country.

Ms Yuvarani Thangavelu, Deputy Director (Licensing Policy), Development Policy Division, Media Development Authority, told The New Paper that MDA regulates Internet content with joint government and industry initiatives as well as public involvement.

‘Internet Service Providers and Internet Content Providers are regulated under the light-touch Class Licence scheme and have to abide by the conditions of the Class Licence and Internet Code of Practice,’ she said.

Regulations, she said, focus on those who distribute pornography or other offensive materials, including seditious content.

‘The unauthorised dissemination of personal photos on the Internet without consent is a privacy issue that is beyond MDA’s regulatory purview,’ she said.

She added that aggrieved individuals should seek legal advice to determine the most appropriate legal recourse. They may also wish to contact the website directly for assistance in taking down the photos.

Websites hosted overseas, she said, are beyond MDA’s jurisdiction.

‘While websites can be blocked, it is not practical for MDA to block all objectionable websites on a borderless and dynamic Internet,’ she said.

However, MDA does block 100 mass impact websites as a ‘symbolic statement of core societal values’.

She added that MDA does not monitor which websites individuals access in the privacy of their homes.

How come S’pore celebs not as scandalous as those in Philippines?

June 12, 2009
How come S’pore celebs not as scandalous as those in Philippines?

Compared to celebs in the Philippines, Singapore ones are tame. And thank God for that, says STOMPer Jacob, who received emails containing leaked sex videos and explicit photos involving well-known Filipino personalities.

His friends have all received it and they are naturally struck by the contrast between the behaviours of Filipino and Singaporean celebs and high society personalities.

“Compared to the Filipinos, our celebs are not involved in scandals of the same magnitude that has hit the Philippines,” says Jacob. “They are better behaved and adopt low-profiles when it comes to their public lives.”

“One reason”, he says, “is because our culture is more conservative than that in the Philippines. The value-system is quite different”, he points out.

One of the Filipino scandal involves beauty doctor Dr Hayden Kho and three starlets: actress Katrina Halili, Dr Maricar Reyes, as well as an unidentified woman rumoured to be a Brazillian model.

Another series of pictures and videos are those of model/actress Maui Taylor and her beau Brian Revilla, apparently the son of a Filipino politician.

Dr Hayden Kho, 28, has gained notoriety after being caught by his ex-girlfriend 53-year-old Dr Vicki Belo with sex videos of three starlets on his notebook, one of them being Katrina Halili, an actress with a voluptuous figure.

He also made similar videos with Maricar Reyes, a model and actress as well as practising doctor.


Edison Chen opens up to CNN in his first full interview on sex photo scandal

June 5, 2009

Edison Chen opens up to CNN in his first full interview on sex photo scandal
WHEN Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen first saw the sex photos of him with several starlets on the Internet, he could not believe it.
By Maureen Koh
05 June 2009

WHEN Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen first saw the sex photos of him with several starlets on the Internet, he could not believe it.

In his first full interview since the photo scandal broke in January last year, he told CNN: ‘It was like, everything just got sucked out of me.

‘And I was like looking and I was like, wow, this is so, where, what, when, how?’

And his thoughts flew straight to the people around him.

He said: ‘Confusion, like what to do… Oh my God, my family. Oh my God, my girlfriend. Oh my God, my career. Oh my God, the girl(s).’

And the final thought that hit him: ‘Oh, the press is going to have a field day.’

Edison, 28, recalled that fateful day when everything unravelled into the messy scandal that saw his career spiral downwards.

He said: ‘Someone called me, I was sleeping in the morning. (He asked) Did you check the Internet yet? You should go check the Internet.’

When he saw pictures of himself with actresses Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan and his girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, Edison was stunned.

He said: ‘I don’t even know how to put that feeling in words.’


To him, it seemed like a never-ending nightmare, which started with just a few photos being uploaded, followed by more.

In the end, about 800 of the 1,300-plus pictures he took made their way online.

Edison said: ‘It was like a nightmare that never ended, it never ended.

‘I’d go to bed and I’d pray, I’d pray, that please, God, please people, last day, please today. I’d do anything…’

But suicide, he said, was never an option.

‘I’m not the person to ever commit suicide,’ said Edison.

‘I think committing suicide is giving up on the people who love you. At that moment, I had so many who cared for me.’

Edison also said he has forgiven computer technician Dicky Sze Ho Chun for stealing the pictures from his computer hard drive.

‘The way I feel about him today and the way I felt about him eight months ago is totally different,’ he said.

‘He’s going to jail… he’s doing what he needs to do to redeem himself.’

Edison also believed the act of putting the pictures on the Internet was ‘purposely done’ to hurt him, especially since he was not blackmailed for money.

He said: ‘I don’t exactly know if the person who stole the photos and distributed it and put it on the Internet is the same person…

‘It was a malicious act… (because) no money was involved.’

Edison also admitted that being a young celebrity contributed to his mistake of taking such photos.

He said: ‘When you are young, you do a lot of things you don’t quite comprehend, it’s fun, you do, you don’t think about the outcome.

‘When you are a celebrity, and you’re this and that, I think, maybe you go overboard a little bit.

‘I went a little too overboard, a little too wild.’

But Edison said the photos were mostly taken four years ago.

He said: ‘I was in a serious relationship at that time, my first serious relationship. I was in love.’

He said he had told girlfriend Vincy about the photos and she had asked him to delete them – which he did.

But six months later, his computer broke down and his assistant sent it for repairs.

It was then that he found out that deleting the photos did not mean they were gone forever.

Edison said: ‘I had no idea that there was such thing before. I thought if I put it in the trash bin and said empty trash bin, then it’s gone, forever. But no, it wasn’t.’

Meanwhile, Cecilia, who had been the first of the victims to lash out at Edison, has accepted his apology.

She had earlier called him a hypocrite and a liar in an interview with i-Cable TV for not contacting her when the scandal broke.

Following CNN’s release of the excerpt of the interview, Cecilia told Hong Kong reporters on Tuesday that she has yet to watch the interview.

But she said: ‘I accept it. Whether it (the apology) has come early or late is not important. It’s fine.

‘What’s most important is that it’s from the heart. I’m also happy to hear him say it.’

Photos of a topless Edison with fake scars on his back also surfaced on Tuesday.

The pictures, which showed him in handcuffs to reflect his repentance, were shot for the latest issue of WestEast, a men’s fashion magazine in Hong Kong.

Edison also gave an interview to the magazine because he is good friends with its publisher, Mr Kevin Lee, a model who has worked with him.

The photos, taken in Japan, are meant to depict his trauma over the past year, with the fake scars symbolising his pain.

Viewers: Edison’s a victim

June 5, 2009

HTML clipboard

Viewers: Edison’s a victim

By Gan Ling Kai

June 05, 2009 Print Ready Email Article

Click to see larger image
SYMPATHY: The panel (from left) Huang Wenhong, Maia Lee, Katalina Jiang and Sarah Yang watching Edison talking to CNN about the sex photo scandal. TNP PICTURE: MOHD ISHAK

HE says he’s also a victim in the sex photo scandal, but would viewers agree with Edison Chen?

Last night, The New Paper invited four people to watch the CNN interview – and they all emphathised with him.

However, their sympathy was measured out in varying degrees.

Customer service officer Katalina Jiang, 21, who’s a big Edison fan, said: ‘I feel he’s the biggest victim because the girls are all blaming others.

‘He, on the other hand, keeps blaming himself. So I think he must have felt the worst. Emotionally, he faces the most stress. Everyone, including those girls, says he’s wrong.’


Her colleague, Miss Sarah Yang, 21, agreed, saying the only wrong thing he did was being careless with his computer.

Mr Huang Wenhong, 36, director of programming for Radio 100.3 FM, agreed that Edison did not spread the photos on purpose.

He added: ‘However, society still has a particular perspective. Edison has to say that all these (taking sex photos) were done when he’s wild and young.

‘He can’t arrogantly say ‘all these are my own business’. Everyone ultimately has to bow to social norms.’

Even celebrity blogger Maia Lee, 26, who had chided that ‘anyone with half a brain would know that such a computer shouldn’t be sent for repair’, felt Edison was a victim.

She said: ‘At first, I thought he was in the wrong. I’m kind of against him. But after watching the interview, it seems that he deserves a little of my sympathy.’

But she was quick to add: ‘Don’t forget, he’s an actor. And he had so much time and resources to consult people to guide him on what to say. Obviously, he had help on that, so I’m still not forgiving him.’

The four viewers agreed that Edison was smart to go on CNN.

Mr Huang said: ‘It is obviously more high-class than appearing on i-Cable (Hong Kong’s TV station which interviewed Cecilia Cheung) and TVB’s Be My Guest (which interviewed Gillian Chung).

‘CNN conveys an international perspective. And the incident becomes a (news) event, no longer a scandal.’

He also said Edison’s choice of timing to open up is excellent for his career comeback.

‘If you say that Cecilia is brilliant to be the first to be interviewed, then so is Edison for being the last.

‘Moreover, Cecilia has also come out to say she has forgiven him. If even a hurt married woman with a child can forgive him, what else can others say?’


JAN 2008: Photos of Edison Chen and Cecilia Chung appear on Internet, followed by more of the actor and other starlets like Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan.

4 FEB: Computer technician Dicky Sze Ho Chun arrested. He had copied photos from Edison’s laptop when it was sent for repair in 2006.

21 FEB: Edison announces he’ll quit Hong Kong showbiz, goes into self-exile.

12 FEB, 2009: Sze charged in HK with 3counts of obtaining access to a computer with illegal intent.

23 FEB: Edison tells hearing in Vancouver that pictures ‘never meant for anyone else to see’. He confirms women’s identities.

27 FEB: Cecilia opens up for the first time on i-Cable TV, calls Edison a liar. Edison makes first official media appearance since self-exile, launches Carl’s Jr.’s new burger in S’pore.

4 MAR: i-Cable TV cans second part of Cecilia’s interview ‘to protect’ her. HK media speculate she plans to sue Edison for $2m.

7 MAR: On TVB’s Be My Guest, Gillian says Edison had been stringing her along for years. She allowed him to take photos as she didn’t want to lose him.

11-12 MAR: Bullet sent to i-Cable TV with a letter, warning Edison to quit showbiz. Similar package sent to Apple Daily next day.

5 APR: Edison ignores deadline, promotes film The Sniper in S’pore. About 30 guards deployed for actor’s safety.

13 MAY: HK court sentences Sze to 8 1/2 months jail.

27 MAY: Edison returns to HK for meetings for his fashion business.

Edison Chen: I’m a victim too

June 4, 2009
I’m a victim too
Edison Chen tells CNN why he offered no personal apology to female starlets in scandal

By Gan Ling Kai

June 04, 2009 Print Ready Email Article

EDISON Chen has finally opened up about the sex photo scandal that traumatised his lovers and threatened his career.

Click to see larger image
HURT: Edison Chen says he had nothing to do with the spreading of the sex photos. TNP FILE PICTURE

And he claims he’s a victim.

The 28-year-old actor, whose 1,300 sex photos featured various Hong Kong starlets, has been at the centre of controversy ever since the photos were circulated online in January last year.

He has kept mum since the scandal first broke – until now.

Edison has told Cable News Network (CNN), in an interview to be telecast at 8.30pm tonight (S’pore time), that he, too, has been hurt.

CNN quoted him online yesterday that ‘I believed that I was hurt by this a lot’.

He claimed he had nothing to do with the spreading of the photos.

‘I wouldn’t say sorry if I wasn’t wrong. But I also believe, at the same time, that I wasn’t the perpetrator.’

Edison also admitted that he has not spoken since to any of the women identified in the photos, including Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan.

Cecilia had, in earlier reports, called him a hypocrite for ignoring her while the scandal unfolded publicly.

Edison defended himself, saying: ‘Initially it was because I couldn’t find them. Secondly, it was because I didn’t really know how to approach (them) and what to say.’

He also explained that he wasn’t allowed by the police to talk to Cecilia initially.

‘I was the one who had to go on trial, you know. I had so much (sic) things on my mind.

‘I’m not trying to say that that justifies any wrongdoings that she thinks I’ve done to her.

‘But I hope that she can understand, and I hope that she can forgive me either today or one day.’

Edison added: ‘I really, really never wished this to happen upon anyone, and I still respect her.’

While Edison may have had his reasons for keeping mum initially, many questions remain unanswered.

Why did he choose to speak to an American network instead of the media in Asia, where he established his career?

Has he lost his confidence in Hong Kong’s media after a tearful Cecilia called him a liar and a hypocrite in an i-Cable exclusive interview on 27 Feb this year?

That same day marked Edison’s first official media appearance since his self-exile, when he came to Singapore to launch Carl’s Jr.’s new Angus Beef Thickburger.

On 7 Mar, Hong Kong’s TVB screened another interview on the Be My Guest programme – this time given by Gillian – in which she broke down as she accused Edison of stringing her along on and off for nearly five years.

Four days later, a 9mm bullet was sent to the Hong Kong i-Cable TV office, together with a letter warning, Edison to quit showbiz.

A similar package was also sent to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily the next day.

These threats overshadowed Edison’s subsequent visit to Singapore in early April to promote his movie, The Sniper.

On 29 Apr, the saga seemed to have ended when Hong Kong technician Dicky Sze Ho Chun was found guilty of stealing Edison’s intimate photos.

The actor’s computer was sent for repairs to the shop where Sze worked.

So why open the can of worms now?

Said celebrity blogger Maia Lee: ‘He should let sleeping dogs lie. And he isn’t a victim.’

She added that no one would make the mistake of sending a computer containing nude photos for repairs.

Martial arts instructor Vincent Ng, a former local actor, also questioned the need for Edison to bring up the matter again, saying that it may cause more hurt to the parties involved.

But he can understand why Edison chose to keep mum back then. He said: ‘At that time, he would just get more ‘barbs’ by explaining more.’

Customer service officer Katalina Jiang, 21, an Edison fan who once declared to The New Paper that she ‘envied the girls who slept with him’, felt such an interview was unnecessary.

But she had this to say in his defence: ‘He had already explained himself before his self-exile. I don’t understand why people still won’t forgive him.’

陈冠希上CNN自爆 淫照不只1300张

June 3, 2009

陈冠希上CNN自爆 淫照不只1300张




震惊全球华人的淫照风暴扰攘逾一年,主角Edison今年2月就淫照案在加拿大作供后,上周三忽然从美国洛杉矶返港,原来他此行还接受了CNN节目《Talk Asia》访问首谈淫照风暴,而日前一篇杂志专访中,他也首次向淫照女主角道歉:“很对不起,我们都该正面的向前看,我会做很多事来弥补我以前所做的错事,但愿这世界最终会让我们重拾自己的生活。”







事后,Edison飞美避锋头,他说:“我一个人在Santa Monica的海滩,独自哭了很久,直到气息平定,我慢慢开始想以后该怎么办。已经过去的错我无法改变它,但是我不断思考我可以在未来做些什么正面的事来弥补。”


Edison在访问中指出,淫照风波后广告合约被终止,参与的电影也无法如期上映,他受到集体唾弃与憎恨,愤怒的大众如何痛打落水狗,他仍然历历在目。盛传他为此企图割腕自杀,Edison矢口否认:“No Way(不可能)!我那时真的很低落,但从未想要自杀。自杀是不负责任的表现,我不会笨到丢弃生命来逃避而不去弥补过失。尽管有些人恨我,但世界上仍然有很多爱我的人……我绝不可能做这种事。”

陈冠希CNN访问 明晚本地播出

陈冠希自淫照风波后首次接受CNN《Talk Asia》访问,访问将在明晚8点半,于星和视界第14频道播出,节目时长半小时。



离港后, Edison暂居洛杉矶,他形容这是人生的低潮期,但却找到更多人生价值,他说:“我自己开车煮饭,一个星期去健身室4次,可以自在的闲逛。有心事我就跑去海边发呆,任意大叫狂踢都不会有人在意。我感受到自己活得像个真实的人,这是金钱买不到的踏实感觉。”

一年多过去,一众淫照主角纷纷尝试返回工作岗位, Edison在访问尾声再一次道歉说:“很对不起,但是我们都该正面的往前看。我会做很多事来弥补我以前做的错,但愿这世界最终会让我们重拾自己的生活。”

导演刘伟强爆 陈冠希密谋复出




Exclusive interview: Edison Chen breaks his silence

June 3, 2009

Exclusive interview: Edison Chen breaks his silence


June 2, 2009 — Updated 0510 GMT (1310 HKT)

(CNN) — He has been at the center of Asia’s biggest sex scandal, but now actor Edison Chen has broken his silence on the public episode that has ended careers and caused him to face at least one reported death threat.

Edison Chen

Internet sex photos of Edison Chen and starlets caused a huge media storm and fall from grace for many.

Talking exclusively to CNN on his return to Hong Kong, where he had been forging a career in the movies, Chen reveals his side of the scandal that broke in early last year when hundreds of sexually explicit photos of Chen with other celebrities turned up on the Internet.

“There’s been a lot of talk through the past year and a half about this or that and a lot of rumors, a lot of hearsay, and I feel, you know, I’ve kept quiet just to kind of respect everyone and respect the law,” Chen told CNN.

A Hong Kong computer technician was sentenced to more than eight-and-a-half months in jail for dishonestly obtaining access to the intimate photos when Chen sent his computer in for repairs. But it is still unclear exactly how the images made their way to the web.

The photographs caused shock in Hong Kong and across Asia, with around 1,300 salacious images fueling front page news for tabloids for weeks.

There was also a huge public backlash against the 28-year-old who has been one of the rising young stars of Asia cinema. After the scandal broke, Chen, who admitted taking the photos, announced his retirement from Hong Kong’s entertainment business and fled to his native Canada.

Added to the media attention, Chen says he faced death threats. A bullet was sent to a TV station in Hong Kong earlier this year warning the entertainer to stay out of the limelight. While Chen issued his own apology for any hurt or embarrassment caused soon after the photos surfaced, he maintains he suffered as well.

“I believed I was a victim. I believed that I was hurt by this a lot. I believed that…I knew that I had nothing to do with the spreading of these photos,” he told CNN in the exclusive interview.

“I can’t say I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve admitted that I was wrong, and I wouldn’t say sorry if I wasn’t wrong. But I also believe that at the same time that I wasn’t the perpetrator, and I had suffered a lot from this as well.”

Chen has suffered a spectacular fall from grace and some of the starlets in the photos have endured public disgrace in this culturally conservative region. For some, careers have been left in ruins.

Chen says he has not spoken to any of the women identified in the photos since the scandal broke. “Initially it was because I couldn’t find them. Secondly, it was because I didn’t really know how to approach and really what to say to be honest with you,” Chen told CNN.

Cecilia Cheung was one of the actresses identified in the photos and in a recent interview, she had strong criticism for Chen.

“I wasn’t allowed to talk to her in the initial because of the police request and they were investigating me…I had so much things on my mind,” said Chen.

“I’m not trying to say that that justifies any wrongdoing that she thinks I’ve done to her. But I hope that she can understand, and I hope that she can forgive me either today or one day, and she’ll understand that I had my difficulties, and I really, really never wished this to happen upon anyone, and I still respect her.”

Sex video doc splashed with water at hearing

June 1, 2009
Sex video doc splashed with water at hearing
He admits to taking drugs and filming his affairs with various women
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THE Philippine Senate’s initial investigation into the controversial sex video between DrHayden Kho and Ms Katrina Halili unearthed secrets and exposed lies, including information on drugs, sex trysts and romance of the celebrity doctor with other women.

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WET: Former police officer and now tabloid columnist Abner Afuang pours water on the head of Dr Hayden Kho. –PICTURES: AFP, AP

Dr Kho, a cosmetic surgeon, was forced to appear at the hearing after the senate committee headed by Senator Jamby Madrigal rejected his request for a closed-door executive session.

He admitted to abnormal sexual activities including his fetish for filming his trysts with various women.

A former model and rising star, Dr Kho said he was undergoing psychiatric counselling and attributed his sexual tendencies to a childhood experience where he was caught on video by a woman without his consent.

The already charged atmosphere was further aggravated when retired policeman Abner Afuang poured a bottle of water over the head of Dr Kho minutes after the latter entered the jam-packed room.

Senator Madrigal ordered the Senate’s Office of the Sergeant at Arms (OSAA) to arrest Mr Afuang, who is also a former mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna and now a tabloid reporter.

OSAA chief Jose Balajadia said Mr Afuang was wearing a National Press Club ID, reported Manila Bulletin.

Mr Balajadia said he heard Mr Afuang saying: ‘Baboy ang tingin ko sa kanya, hindi tao’ (‘He looks like a swine, not a human’) when he was collared by security and escorted out of the room.

It was not immediately known why he did it as he was still being interrogated by the Senate sergeant-at-arms.

In Thursday’s hearing, Dr Kho divulged that it was Ms Halili who supplied him with illegal drugs while taping their sex act. An embattled and tearful Ms Halili refuted the allegations.

He said that he met Ms Halili when he performed liposuction on her in 2007. They started exchanging text messages and later began an affair which lasted a year.


Dr Kho said Ms Halili urged him to use Ecstasy. He also admitted to having used illegal drugs even when having sex with other women.

But when pressed by the senators to name who supplied him with drugs, Dr Kho refused to cooperate, saying there are threats to his life and his family.

However, Ms Halili denied she ever used illegal drugs and said she is prepared to undergo a drug test at the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency to prove it.

She repeatedly told Senator Ramon Revilla Jr that she did not know that their sexual activity was being filmed.

‘I loved Hayden,’ said Ms Halili, wiping away tears. ‘I was young, so I was easily blinded. I am the victim here while our video is being viewed on a daily basis. I was abused on the video and I am still being abused in public.’

She said she wanted this sensitive issue to be investigated in order to stop Dr Kho and prevent others from being victimized by him and other unscrupulous persons.

Dr Kho’s lawyer Lorna Kapunan had earlier threatened that her client will walk out if the senators conducted a public hearing of the case.

This was even after Senator Madrigal had assured both camps that there would be no viewing of the videos because ‘it has already been viewed by the public’.

But Senator Jinggoy Estrada ignored the threat and maintained that the hearing should be held openly for the benefit of the public who wants more information about the case.

During the hearing, the distraught Ms Halili turned on Dr Kho and told him: ‘You have the gall to even look at me.’

At that point, Senator Madrigal, chair of the Senate committee on Youth, Women, and Family Relations, suspended the hearing.

The scandal has been avidly followed by many Filipinos after copies of the video appeared on the Internet and on DVDs, which were sold discreetly in shops.

Sex scandal grips Philippines

May 31, 2009
May 30, 2009
Sex scandal grips Philippines

Film star sex video scandal grips Philippines



One of the unwitting stars of the films is up-and-coming actress Katrina Halili (left), 23, who has now filed a criminal complaint. –PHOTO: PINOYSHOWBIZLANDIA.COM

MANILA – STEAMY sex videos of a cosmetic surgeon and his celebrity patients indulging in more than the standard nip and tuck have gripped the devoutly Roman Catholic Philippines.

Home movies showing Dr Hayden Kho going beyond the usual doctor-patient boundaries with a rising film star and commercial model are spreading around the Internet, as hawkers on Manila’s street corners sell DVDs of their trysts.

The videos and the manner in which they came into the public domain have fascinated and repulsed this deeply religious country.

One of the unwitting stars of the films is up-and-coming actress Katrina Halili, 23, who has now filed a criminal complaint. She is the only woman who has identified herself as one of four appearing separately with Dr Kho in the videos.

‘I fully gave my heart and soul to a man who was doing his own movie,’ she said. ‘In our culture, this will stigmatise me for life.’ She now has what many young actresses aspire to – instant name recognition – but for all the wrong reasons.

This week workers began pulling down from Manila’s main avenue a large billboard of Halili endorsing a popular local brand of lingerie. The young actress later confirmed she had lost an endorsement contract and that film and modelling offers had also dried up since the tapes went public.

Halili is now appealing for the public to stop watching the recordings, saying: ‘You also have daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives.’ But so far, her appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

A middle-aged street vendor who would identify himself only by his first name, Jose, openly hawked a ‘Katrina-Hayden Scandal’ video disc outside Manila’s largest shopping mall, alongside his usual fare of pirated copies of Hollywood films.

‘It’s all over the Internet now, so sales are not that brisk as last week. But people still come here to buy them,’ Jose said.

A blue-collar worker who called himself ‘Joe’ said he bought a copy because he had no Internet access. ‘Every red-blooded Filipino male dreams of being in bed with Katrina Halili,’ he said. — AFP