Details of Italian PM’s sex tape revealed


Details of Italian PM’s sex tape revealed
Guess which part made Italians really angry?
ITALIAN prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s latest sex tape has provoked harsh criticism from his countrymen – but not for what you think.
27 July 2009

ITALIAN prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s latest sex tape has provoked harsh criticism from his countrymen – but not for what you think.

Instead of being angered by his sexual antics, people are enraged about his boasts of finding 30 Phoenician tombs, from the 3rd century BC, on his Sardinian estate, and not reporting the discovery.

In Italy, any discovery of historical significance has to be reported to the Ministry of Culture within 24 hours. Those who fail to do so, face a fine of around 3,000 euros or a year in jail.

The tape, which was made by high-class prostitute Patrizia D’ Addario, included a conversation between her and Mr Berlusconi, 72, in which she praises him for his sexual performance, reported the Daily Mail.

But after some small talk, he describes how he found a ‘fossilised whale and 30 Phoenician tombs from three centuries before Christ’ at the Villa Certosa, where guests have included former British prime minister Tony Blair.

Significant discovery

Ms Giuseppina Manca di Mores, of Italy’s National Association of Archaeologists, said: ‘If the presence of these 30 previously unknown tombs on Berlusconi’s estate is confirmed it represents a very significant discovery.

‘We are calling for an immediate examination because the historical significance of these tombs is vital to the study of the Phoenician civilisation, which we know was significant in the Mediterranean.’

Mr Manuela Ghizzoni, of opposition party Democratic Left’s Culture Commission, added: ‘What we want to know is why Berlusconi has not done as the law says – anything found must be reported and it appears he has not.

‘It is very curious that the archaeological community was unaware of this discovery.’

One reason why so many people are angry that Mr Berlusconi did not report the find is that the tombs may be of significance to the study of Italy’s history.

Ms Manca di Mores said: ‘For years historians have debated whether the nearby town of Olbia was founded by the Greeks or the Phoenicians and these tombs could be the breakthrough needed to provide the answer.

‘Greek artifacts have been discovered already in the area but Phoenician tombs would be a new piece to the puzzle and open up a whole new field of historical research.’

Mr Rubens D’Oriano, the Ministry of Culture’s regional representative in Sardinia, told Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera that he knew nothing about the existence of the tombs.

‘My office has not received any protocol on this discovery, we have no information on Phoenician settlements in that area. I should have been informed,’ he said.

‘Maybe it is secret as the whole of Villa Certosa is covered by national security measures. It’s possible the discovery was made before these state secret measures came in.’

Mr Berlusconi’s spokesman Marco Ventura said that the prime minister had no comment on the matter.


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